First of all, we just want to say ‘thank you’ for booking or thinking about booking a break with us here at Baxby Manor.  It has been a ‘testing’ year for everyone thus far hasn’t it?!  We know you’re desperate to be back out in the fresh air and sat around your campfires!  

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As detailed below we have provided every cubicle with a multi-purpose sanitiser and we ask that EVERYONE takes some blue paper towel before entering the ablutions so that you can wipe down all contact points before leaving. There are reminders of this when you enter the building. The shower cubicles will be operated on a bookable slot basis. More details below.

Although we will of course be carrying out a daily deep cleans and frequent checks throughout the day as we are a small family-run business we physically cannot deep-clean each cubicle every time it has been used so we are asking you to be vigilant and sanitise all touch points before leaving the cubicle. If we discover this is not being done then we will be left with no alternative but to CLOSE THE SHOWER CUBICLES.

SUPPLY & DEMAND; If you have your own sanitiser then please bring it with you and use it. Although we have a large amount in stock we simply cannot rely on there being a constant and regular supply as there will be huge demand for it and supply chains do breakdown!

As many of you know Camping and Glamping is a relatively safe option right now. However, we all still need to stay safe and be aware of the risks.  So, we have thought long and hard about the best way to do this for everyone coming to Baxby Manor this year.  The safety of our guests is paramount, but we also need to make sure we and our staff are not put at risk.

As a result, we have had to make some significant changes, so things will be a somewhat different than they have been in the past.

  • The Hideaway will be operating at 50% occupancy for the rest of 2020.  This is to help us maintain social distancing. Many pitches will be unoccupied, and we have tried to organise this is a way that means pitches next to or close to areas of high footfall (such as next to drinking water points) will not be bookable. If you have booked a certain pitch, please understand that we may have had to move you. If you have booked with friends/family, we will try our best to make sure you are still together but please understand if this has not been possible. All existing bookings will be honoured.
  • As per government guidance; The Hideaway will have time-slots for the shower cubicles. This is subject to change but currently (until we have been able to test it and see if it works!) we propose that time-slots are booked at Reception upon arrival/check-in. We cannot guarantee availability and slots will be limited per day per pitch/unit.
  • Check-in is from 2pm however to avoid large numbers of people waiting at Reception please do not arrive before this time.  If you can delay check-in time to avoid large numbers of people arriving all at once please do, even if only by 20 to 30 mins. If there is a large number of people waiting to check-in, please wait in your vehicle until the numbers have subsided.
  • We will have a ‘one-way’ system around the decking of the Shower/Reception block. Please use the disabled ramp near the check-in car park/recycling area to access Reception/shop.  Although the social distance has been reduced to 1m+ there will be 2m and one-way arrow markers on the floor. 
  • There will be no access to the inside of the shop/Reception at all. There will be a table in the doorway where we will meet you and go through the check-in process with you. Contactless payments only.
  • The shop will be stocked with all the essentials (logs, marshmallows, cider, beer, ice, ice-creams, milk, tea, butter, eggs, etc) however payment will be contactless ONLY – cash will not be accepted. We have created a YouTube video showing what items are available in the shop. Please head to
  • Shop opening hours will for the time being be as per normal (9-11am & 2-6pm) however this, like all other measures mentioned here may be subject to change. With regards groceries; please bring as much from home as you can but if you do not have room in the car (!) we urge you to consider arranging a click and collect or delivery service as this minimises increasing the risk to the community you are coming to.  Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons all deliver to The Hideaway. There are also local businesses that will deliver. and for example.
  • The pot-wash will be open however if you can we ask that you do not wash your pots in here, simply fill up your bowl with water and take your pots back to your pitch/unit. The fridges and freezers will NOT be available to use this year. There is now a vending machine in the Pot-Wash selling snacks and hot drinks as Liza-Jane (the barista coffee caravan will not be here this year, so no pizzas this year either I am afraid).
  • The drying room will not be available. 
  • The toilets will be available. To make this easier there will be a red/green light system in operation so you can see before entering the building if a cubicle is available.  Some of the cubicles and sinks will be closed off to maintain safety and there will be a maximum number of people permitted inside at any one time.  Industry guidelines on how this may work are changing daily so we will update you on arrival. We suggest you make provisions to bring your own washing and toilet facilities, (such as a port-a-potty and toilet tent) in case restrictions are re-instated and we are not permitted to open any shared facilities.
  • There will be hand sanitiser and some blue paper towel located in the lobby.  Everyone must sanitise their hands when entering the showers/toilets and take a piece of blue paper towel with them to wipe down any surface they come in contact with, and then dispose of the paper towel in the bin on the way out.  Especially important are doors and door locks and toilet flush buttons. There will be sanitiser spray bottles in every cubicle as well as antibacterial hand soap near the main sinks. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THESE BOTTLES OTHERWISE WE WILL BE LEFT WITH NO CHOICE BUT TO CLOSE THE CUBICLES.
  • To protect our staff we will be cleaning the facilities (as per the guidelines in the link above) every day however we simply cannot clean every cubicle every time it has been used so we are asking you to please adhere to the sanitation regimes set out above.
  • The shower block has a Heat Recovery Ventilation System which means fresh air from outside is being constantly drawn into the building and stale moist air is expelled, (so this is a particularly good environment for minimising airborne contaminants/bugs).  If you have your own gloves and facemasks, please do use them as this will assist with our efforts. At present they are impossible to source in large numbers so we will not be able to provide them.
  • HOBBIT HOUSES: For safety reasons we have removed all the crockery, (except the camping stoves and kettles), cushions and bean bags.
  • We have removed all the Places to Visit leaflets and the books from the Book Swap in the main lobby area.  Many visitor attractions may not be open but please check and download information before arriving. The Welcome to Yorkshirewebsite is a good source of information.  We will upload the ‘local walks’ to the website as we will not have any print outs in the shop, please download or print these at home first.
  • It goes without saying; please DO NOT INVITE FRIENDS OR FAMILY NOT STAYING AT THE HIDEAWAY TO VISIT YOU WHILST YOU ARE HERE.  This increases the risk to everyone staying at Baxby manor and the local community. We also have to comply with the government’s Trace & Trace programme.

I’m sorry this is a rather ‘comprehensive’ list but as I am sure you can appreciate these measures must be taken and must be implemented to enable us to welcome you to Baxby Manor.

Thank you for your understanding and see you soon.

Barney and The Hideaway team.

These measures are subject to change at any time and at short notice due to government updates.