About Us

Barney, Felix and Rufus (Big Boss, Little Boss, & Mini Boss!)

The Environment and Us

Preserving the environment here at Baxby Manor is important to us, which is why when you come to stay at The Hideaway things may be a little different from most ‘standard’ campsites…

Our family has been involved in farming since my great great Grandfather arrived here many moons ago, but unlike many farmers who over the years have ripped out hedges and trees to make way for crops we have planted them!  In the last 20 years we have planted over 25 acres of woodland, have carried out extensive conservation work on the hedgerows and are recognised for our large numbers of small bird and wildflower species. Having something to show to and share with future generations is really important to us.

For these reasons when we built The Hideaway in 2012 we installed a biomass boiler to heat the water for your showers and installed a Heat Recovery Ventilation system to make sure nothing goes to waste! Caring for the environment should also include the avoidance of light pollution, so the outside lighting at The Hideaway is minimal and uses LED’s.

Our electricity is 100% Green and supplied by Bristol Energy, a Community Initiative who profits are fed back into local communities

You will see that we use LED and solar lights only around the campsite.

Bristol Energy

We are pretty confident that we have perfected all of our ‘green’ systems here at The Hideaway because when you are on holiday we know comfort means everything and don’t want to jeopardise this, there’s nothing worse than a cold shower!

Our waste is collected by Yorwaste who aim to reduce their waste to landfill to 0%.

It is easy to say “I recycle at home I’m not doing it on holiday!” but please bear in mind that it costs a lot of money to have waste and recyclates taken away so the more you bin the more it costs-help keep our costs (and ultimately YOUR costs) down by thinking before you bin it-TAKE HOME WHAT YOU CAN!

Baxby Manor

The Hideaway is situated on land attached to a 712-year-old medieval manor – Baxby Manor!

Baxby Manor, on the edge of Husthwaite village, was built in 1308 and is nestled between the Yorkshire Dales and the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors and is conveniently just 17 miles from the historic city of York.

Even though we are only a few miles from the market towns of Thirsk and Easingwold you would be forgiven for thinking you were in the middle of nowhere!